Environment & Sustainability Advisory

Accelerate your progress towards sustainability!


Meet regulatory compliance and certification requirements for sustainability, environmental impact assessments, renewable energy certificate procurement and sustainability reporting.

We provide documentation and implementation support in line with national and international standards.

How do we help?

1. Ecological and Habitat Assessment

Our experts work with you to design mitigation measures and propose conservation plan for the sustainable development.

2. Biological Assessment

We help you assess and minimize the impact of your project on local ecology and environmental elements like air, water and soil.

3. Impact Assessment and ESMP

Get holistic assessment of the project on local community through the lifecycle of construction, operation and maintenance and decommissioning. We help enact a Monitoring system that identifies risk and hazards arising from the project to implement corrective and preventive measures.

4. Standard followed

National and International Standard or Other required standards IFC Performance standards WB EHS safeguard policies WB / IFC EHS General EHS guidelines IFC EHS Guidelines for Electric Power transmission and distribution Equator principles

Projects done

The Kosher impact in numbers

Red Flag Report

Type of project: Solar Project

Capacity: 300 MW

Location: Rajasthan 

Description: Evaluated the habitat of the project site in line with the Great Indian Bustard distribution matrix 

Environment, Social Impact Assessment

Type of project: Wind Project

Capacity: 400 MW

Location: Tamilnadu 

Description: Impact analysis of long transmission lines, vicinity of households and shadow flicker analysis 

Sustainability reporting/ carbon footprint 

Type of project: Textile industry


Location: Tamandu

Description: Help in developing sustainability report by conducting end to end stakeholder engagement process, feedback mechanisms and designed targets after assessing potential future scenarios