Nature based Solutions


Nature has always provided solutions to humanity and for the global challenges of reducing emissions, Nature-based solutions (NbS) are increasingly taking centre stage. At Kosher, we are putting together some of the world’s leading experts in the field spanning forestry to agriculture to provide our clients with the best solutions for achieving carbon targets.

How do we help?

1. Afforestation reforestation

Trees and forests form the most reliable and sure shot carbon capture mechanisms on the planet. We involve with organisations, Governments and companies to build the forests for the future that resonate the global aspirations of continued ecosystem functioning. Spanning the scale, we believe that projects, both small and large needs to be supported.

2. Blue carbon

Mangroves are treasures of ecosystem services as well as carbon. While the worlds mangroves urgently need revival and restoration, we bundle the vision of the future and strive towards restoring and planting mangroves across India and Tropics in general

3. Soil Carbon

Locking in organic carbon in soils have dual benefits. Firstly the productivity and health of soil increases and secondly, is a natural pool of carbon to sustainably lock in. Soil carbon provides opportunity to harness carbon revenue to drive the transitions towards better soil and better agricultural futures. While simple, effectively and accurately measuring soil carbon is not straightforward. This is exactly what we offer – we have some of the best experts and technology to apply across scales and periods. 

4. Climate, community and biodiversity

We are developing land management projects that simultaneously address climate change challenges, support local communities and smallholders, as well as conserve biodiversity. We design projects that span the life of these long-term (from years to decades) projects that include lake remediation to restoration of wetlands. Mitigate risk for investors and offset buyers and increase funding opportunities for project developers.

Projects done

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