Community Development

Empower nature and communities!


Our team of dedicated domain experts in agriculture, forestry and clean cooking help maximize the impact of community development projects.

These are large-scale grassroot-level projects that mitigate climate change while improving local livelihood opportunities. We help communities reduce the living income gap.

Kosher is involved with a wide range of nature-based solutions across the globe that promote sustainable practices.

How do we help?

1. Project feasibility

Get assurance about long term success of the project with critical analysis of 360 degree factors such as location, area, project contribution and cost.

2. Calculate

Our team of subject matter experts will help you estimate the maximum carbon emission reduction or removal potential of the project

3. Reduce

Reduce and avoid GHG emissions by quality implementation of your community development project with our timely financial contribution to your project

4. Beyond offsetting

Transform communities by providing tools to alleviate poverty, improve gender equality and make clean energy affordable with your projects

Projects done

The Kosher impact in numbers

Clean cooking

Type of project: Improved Cookstove distribution in MP

No. of Cookstove installed: 1,00,000

Status: Under implementation

Location: Madhya Pradesh

Description: Replacement of traditional cookstove with energy efficient cookstoves in village households of MP

Blue Carbon

Type of project: Mangrove Plantation

Capacity: 230 Ha (Up-to 1000 Ha)

Status: On-going

Location: Gujarat 

Description: Plantation and maintenance of 7 lakhs mangrove trees to protect the coast and increase the local biodiversity


Type of project: Rice Paddy

Capacity: 1 lakh Ha

Status: On-going

Location: Karnataka 

Description: Replacing conventional farming practices with sustainable farming to reduce GHG emissions and water consumption.