Energy Efficiency

1. Energy Audits
2. Perform Achieve Trade (PAT)

Energy Audits
We at Kosher deliver new and alternative energy strategies by combining our strategic insight, program design and implementation capabilities, to realize the benefits of emerging policy and technology initiatives. Our main aim is to identify the energy saving options and & cost effective delivery methods for the identified energy savings. Our integrated team of Project Managers and Consultants help in identification and implementation of energy savings, to maximize their value and ensure installations are both highly energy efficient and cost effective to operate.

Our energy management strategy ensures that it meets the broader commercial strategy of its clients as well as adds value in terms of the cost savings identified through energy efficiency action. We render energy efficiency advisory services to the following core sectors:

» Industry
» Large industries/designated consumers

PAT: The Perform Achieve Trade (PAT)
PAT: The Perform Achieve Trade (PAT) is a trading scheme aimed to reduce energy consumption in industries across India using market oriented mechanisms. The scheme is being designed and implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the Ministry of Power, India.

To cope up with the regulations and reduce the baseline targets of PAT, we provide the following services to Designated Consumers:

» Strategies to meet PAT Targets
» Support for compliance
» Reduction Phase
» "Benchmarking" vs. "Target Levels"
» Recommendation of projects to achieve target levels
» Risk benefit & techno commercial project report
» Financial advisory services
» Monitoring & verification support
» Issuance support
» Access to trading Platforms
» Risk Management Services
» Market research & Analysis