About Us

Kosher Climate has been established to bridge the gap in the processes and make the mechanisms of climate change most effective and simple. We are all about going extra miles to help our clients achieve the climate change benefits and simplifying every process for them.

Utilizing years of industry experience, robust domain expertise, Global work profiles– in location as well as experience, Kosher Climate provides end to end climate change & clean energy solutions to its clients. We deliver tangible value, risk mitigation and cutting edge insights to our clients. We have significant experience with climate change regulations across the arena, through which we actively help shape the international debate on environment & business centric sustainable practices.

At Kosher Climate India Pvt. Ltd. we provide a complete 360° Carbon Solution. We are having expertise in generation, registration and trading of Certified as well as Verified Emission Reductions (CERs and VERs), better known as carbon credits. Alongside, Kosher Climate has spread its area of expertise from providing consultancy for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to identifying potential investment opportunities for our investors who are actively expanding their renewable investment portfolio. We are a one-stop solution for enterprises and individuals planning to set-up or expand their green business interests.

We also work with bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies in consulting for conceptualizing and implementing developmental interventions. We actively partner with leading organizations in leveraging mutual capabilities and in result help our clients with better solutions.

Our technical team comprises professionals with hands-on experience in various domains such as Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Environment.

Who Are We

Kosher Climate is a consultancy specializing in reducing greenhouse gases by promoting and providing a wide range of services in the fields- Renewable Energy, Carbon Advisory, Energy Efficiency, PAT and Sustainability Reporting. We extend our services for developing innovative & sustainable climate friendly solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of experts, with its global experience and technical expertise, collaborate with individual entrepreneurs, Governmental, bilateral, and multilateral agencies, as well as private and public sector clients worldwide to develop a clear vision and well-structured strategies to effectively anticipate, address and solve the challenges.